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Friday, December 21, 2018 at 7:43:35 AM India Standard Time

KWA PVC Patches is the simplest type of PVC Patches. There are only two colors on it, the black background and white word. The word is “KWA”, it is a company’s name or the acronym. KWA PVC Patches is KWA company’s trademark. KWA company can put KWA PVC Patches on their products or other promotions. 

If you want to design your business PVC patches, please visit, we would provide you all kinds of PVC patches. All of our custom PVC patches are in affordable price. We aim to give our customers high quality products and best service. Look forward to our long-term cooperative.


Size: 3"

Style: PVC Patches

Attachment: No

Package: Individual Polybag 

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